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Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, or stress?

Having difficulty dealing with grief or loss?

Are relationship challenges overwhelming you?

Have you lost hope that things will ever change? 


 Upward Call Counseling Services {also doing business as Shepherd's Touch

& River of Hopeis a faith-based agency offering professional counseling and

education to strengthen individuals, marriages, and families. We provide services

from offices at multiple locations in Lancaster & Lebanon Counties.


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"I admit I refer to many different counselors depending on the needs of the patient.

I prefer to use Upward Call, however, because of their holistic approach. They use prayer, Scripture and church involvement as part of the healing plan. 

The counselors at Upward Call are faithful      to use their counseling skills to foster the emotional and spiritual wellness

of my patients. For that, they have earned

my loyalty."


 - Douglas R. Morrissey, MD

Cornerstone Family Health Services, Lititz, PA


"A year has passed since my last attempt at suicide. It has been a challenging year. If it had not been for Upward Call, I would not be here. Your kindness, compassion, sensitivity, understanding, and zeal for helping another hurting person achieve healing is amazing!    I am grateful that I can enjoy life with no more desire to end mine. Your help in my healing is what has also helped me with my walk with the Lord. I am much more able        to understand God’s goodness and workings in me...may you be blessed always!”


 - Elizabeth, Upward Call Client

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We respect each person where he or she is emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.​

We work with each individual to reach his or her counseling goals.

​We value Scripture, prayer, and trusting relationships

as integral components in the counseling process.

We strive to make our services available to all. In addition to fees for service, 

our Compassionate Care Fund helps clients receive counseling on a sliding scale.

​We believe that Christ-centered counseling can help bring healing,

holiness, and wholeness to wounded lives and relationships.

Upward Call Counseling Services

{also doing business as Shepherd's Touch & River of Hope}

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