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Our History


Upward Call Counseling Services was founded by Bob Weaver, LSW, BCD, in 1996

with the purpose of providing a “Christ centered counseling service for persons wanting

to experience wholeness for themselves and in all of their relationships.”  


Upward Call established a particular interest in making counseling services usable

to churches with parishioners having specialty counseling needs.  This interest

included efforts to relate to the conservative Mennonite and Amish population.



Shepherd’s Touch Counseling Ministry was established through the leadership

of Dr. James E. Johnson, LCSW, who provided professional counseling to a local

church congregation {Worship Center, Lancaster} for five years, prior to

establishing Shepherd’s Touch in 1992.



The mission of both agencies were similar and designed to offer Biblically-based counseling services to the public at an affordable cost. In 2010, Upward Call and Shepherd’s Touch combined resources to merge as one agency under the corporate name of Upward Call Counseling Services, also doing business as Shepherd’s Touch. Dr. James E. Johnson served as Executive Director, until his passing in July 2021. Patricia Wright is Upward Call's new Executive Director. Bob Weaver is currently involved as a liaison to plain {Amish/Mennonite} communities.


We continue to provide Biblically based counseling services and have expanded our services to include counselor training opportunities for Pastors and lay counselors and seminars on topics such as Depression, Addiction, Marriage & Family, Sexuality and Finances. Many churches also support this ministry by referring clients and offering financial assistance to parishioners who are receiving services.


It is our honor and privilege to see many clients go from broken and wounded to healing

and wholeness through the grace and power of God working in their lives!

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