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Year-End Update from our Director...

We are always excited to hear from our Executive Director, Dr. James Johnson! In this newest post, Dr. Johnson shares an update on what God has been doing in 2017 at Upward Call. You can learn more about Dr. Johnson by clicking on his photo below.

Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas! Recently, the word “favor” has been reverberating in my mind. For example, I was reminded of the favor of the Lord as our family recently gathered to celebrate my father’s 102nd birthday. We are honored that Dad prays for every one of our family members on a daily basis as well as for this ministry. What a blessing!

We are also enjoying the favor of the Lord in client activity at Upward Call, as many individuals and families are experiencing healing and restoration. We have set records in client activity these past several months by inching toward 250 clients monthly.

Favor in outreach also characterizes our ministry. For example, we have opened a satellite office in Gap which is running close to 50 clients per month. We also completed a 7-week lay counseling training program in Pottsville, where 25 students attended. We have provided scholarships to 53 clients this past year, totaling over $13,000, which helps those who need assistance with their fee. Your donations to this ministry go straight to the Compassionate Care Fund, which provides counseling services to those who cannot afford it, and is a great blessing to these clients.

God’s favor is also seen in the addition of several new counselors this past year to our staff. I continue to be amazed by the quality of our staff, in their expertise as well as their personal and spiritual depth.

Would you prayerfully consider what God might have you give in support of our clients and ministry as we approach the end of 2017?

Your generous and faithful support of this ministry enables us to see hundreds of clients every year, and to stay on the cutting edge of our profession. With this in mind, from everyone at Upward Call, we pray that the favor of the Lord will rest upon you during this blessed holiday season and throughout the New Year.

Warm regards, Dr. James E. Johnson Executive Director

P.S. There's still time to make your 2017 year-end contribution. Click here to donate via Paypal. God bless you for your generosity and faithfulness in giving!


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